Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Former Hopple St. Overpass Collapsed onto I-75 South. One Dead, One Injured.


Around 11 PM on Monday, January 19, 2015, the former northbound overpass/exit ramp at Hopple Street collapsed onto Interstate 75 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The disused overpass was in the process of being removed when the incident occurred. As of 1:51 AM on January 20th, 2015, local media has reported the fatality of one construction worker and the injury of a truck driver whose vehicle is seen in the above images. At the time of collapse, an excavator was operating on the overpass.

On the morning of January 20th, 2015, the name of the construction worker was released: Brandon Carl, 35, of Augusta, KY. Carl is survived by his four children and their mother, his fiancĂ©. A local business owner has set up a "GoFundMe" account to raise money for Carl's family: link.

Investigation into the accident is still ongoing.

Monday, December 15, 2014

"This is How You Know You've Arrived Somewhere"


I'm not sure where to begin or if it's even a story worth telling. How do you write about or photograph a place that has been documented and portrayed so many times? How do you find a unique angle, an original look at a city that countless other individuals have expressed time and time again. If you decline the attempt, how do you present the images you've made in a way that doesn't sound like: "sit right here and have some cashews while I show you slides from my vacation?"

The simple fact of the matter is I haven't figured out an answer to these questions, simply because I haven't really found a true way to articulate my experience of New York, there's not just one simple way to describe it. One of the best ways I've heard it explained is that the experience of New York is different for everyone. So this is what it was to me, the first time I went there and so far the only time I've been there.

Like so many of my stories these days, this one starts at a Waffle House.

Monday, December 8, 2014

"Abandoned Midwest:" 2015 Photo Calendar Now on Sale

On sale starting today, "Abandoned Midwest" is a collection of photographs from some of the most popular QC/D articles to date.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Souvenirs of Howard Matre

Today marks the 35th anniversary of The Who Concert Tragedy. On December 3rd, 1979,  renown rock band The Who was scheduled to perform the third United States stop of their world tour. Held at the Riverfront Coliseum (today known as US Bank Arena), the concert's 18,348 tickets were all sold out. The tickets were for a "first come, first serve" general admission platform leading to large crowds circling the arena early in the day. Before the doors were open, the band began a sound check. The muffled sound coming from within the arena led many waiting outside to believe the show was starting. A mass push of people began trying to force their way forward. As few doors were opened to relive the crowd, people began getting trampled. Eleven attendees were asphyxiated to death, the oldest of them being 27 and the youngest being 15. The band was not informed of the incident until after the show and never returned to Cincinnati. The city passed legislation banning "festival seating" at future concerts (the ban has since been repealed and replaced by strict regulation on "festival seating").

In 2009 I covered a candlelight vigil at the arena which marked the 30th anniversary of the event. In the above photo from that vigil is Howard Matre, who attended the show. Matre still owns the ticket stubs and the souvenir t-shirt he bought that night. I wanted to re-post the image I made of Howard, because it's one that's always stuck with me. He was unaware of the incident until after the show had ended and he returned home. The souvenirs he owns undoubtedly carry a strong meaning. When purchased, they were meant to be symbols of an event, physical representations from an anticipated and exciting experience commemorating when he saw The Who live in concert. Instead, they memorialize tragedy and carry a different emotional weight.

At the vigil in 2009, there was frustration among the crowd about the lack of a memorial to honor those who perished. Five years later, as the Cincinnati Enquirer reports, there has been some momentum gained.

Friday, November 28, 2014

"Everything That Is Has Already Will Be" - Future Science Is Here to Teach You


The last Sunday of every month is a day to expand your mind, learn something new and discover what's been going on with science in the past, present and future.